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Our Breakthrough Weight Loss Seminar Will Teach You The Right Way To Turn On Your Fat Burning Hormones To Achieve Your Optimal Weight…Permanently!

  • Learn Your “Hormone Body Type” For Maximum Fat Loss
  • Eat The Right Foods To Signal The Release of Triglycerides (stored fat).
  • Learn How To Get Your Body Healthy First…If You’re Not Healthy, You Cannot Lose Weight
  • Lose Weight Safely and Permanently With No Drugs, Hormone Shots Or Wacky Diets
  • Register And Be Entered To Win A FREE Niacin-Contour Body Wrap and Far-infrared Sauna Session. (Value $95)

Register For Our Next Breakthrough Seminar On Tues., April 22nd In Brick. You’ll learn what recent research has revealed are the best weight loss techniques and tricks to lose unwanted fat.

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Weight loss can be very confusing. My role is to help you find the blockages that are preventing you from achieving your optimal weight. Whether it’s your hormones, wrong food choices, exercise or a variety of other factors, I will help turn your body into a fat burning furnace.
Debra Dayton
Clinical Nutritionist